Although the so-called suffering can hurt us, make us feel bad, it has taught some people to be stronger and stronger. In my life, I have encountered people with suffering and happiness. So many times I have seen that their lives are filled with joy, suffering, even full of laughter and crying. Joy is always present and present. But to my surprise, That is, no matter what kind of problem a person faces with smiles and laughter covering their sorrows or joy, everyone will always have that moment and be able to overcome and get through it, even if it"s hard and hard. No matter how difficult it was for me to play, watch and learn how to survive from these people, it made me stronger and stronger without realizing it, enabling me to overcome difficult obstacles. It"s difficult because there are examples that show me or how to survive I"ve seen before. At the very last moment I realized that although suffering sometimes devours me, it"s not a problem. There are many solutions that we can always learn and seek as long as we still think it is. can be edited

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